Access control

Access control system operation When a credential is presented to a reader, the reader sends the credential’s information to a control panel. The control panel compares the credential’s number to an access control list, grants or denies the presented request and sends a transaction log to a database.

GE Security Challenger Integrated Security Platform

Access control

tecom_layoutA Population count.
Prevents access when a pre-determined limit of users is reached. Can trigger an output such as “Car Park Full” sign.
B Out of hours access.
Increase security after business hours by requiring both an access card and a PIN code.

C 24-hour access.
Manager has complete access to premises at all times.

D Fingerprint scanning.
Optional biometric reader can be used to provide higher-security access control.

E Anti-passback support.
Challenger can prevent entry (hard anti-passback) or allow entry whilst reporting the event (soft anti-passback).

F Dual card entry.
Requires two different users to present their access cards in sequence to unlock high security areas.

G Interlocking doors.
Requires one of the doors to be closed before the other can be opened.

H Restricted access hours.
Contract workers’ access can be limited to normal working hours.

I Restricted access rights.
Workers’ access can be limited to specific floors and doors.

System management

Challenger-brochureA Remote system access.
Authorised command and control of the Challenger system from PC software with graphical map display.

B Administration support.
HR/payroll can export employee time and attendance information from the system.

C Visitor management.
Receptionist can issue temporary access cards with programmable expiry time and date.

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